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FTIR Infrared Spectrometry

FTIR infrared spectrometry is based on the interaction between infrared radiation and molecules, so that molecules, by absorbing infrared radiation, change their state of vibrational and rotational energy.

The molecules in a sample do not absorb radiation from the entire infrared spectrum, but only from those areas that have adequate energy.

By comparing the spectrum of an infrared source before and after interacting with a sample, one can clearly identify in which regions (wavelengths) absorption phenomena occur and in which they do not. Given that the infrared absorption spectra of many molecules are well characterized, the presence or absence in a sample can be deduced.

Taking advantage of the attenuated total reflectance (ATR) phenomenon , it is possible to work with liquid and solid samples without carrying out the necessary preparatory maneuvers for the absorption / transmission measures.

The possibilities of this analytical technique cover practically all the fields of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, geochemistry, bromatology, medicine, archeology, environment, etc.





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