Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Radiation protection

The Radiation Protection Service (SPR) of the Rovira i Virgili University is a Radiation Protection Technical Unit (UTPR) authorized by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council since 1997. SPR is integrated into the SRCiT of the URV and focuses its activity in the field of protection of professionals, patients and the general public in health centers against the possible effects of ionizing radiation.

SPR has extensive experience in advisory and control tasks for second and third category facilities that handle radioactive substances and in medical diagnostic X-ray facilities. According to legislation, these facilities are required to have the services of an authorized Radiation Protection Technical Unit.

The fields of application and the services offered by the SPR are:

Radiation Protection Service carries out its activity in more than fifty radioactive and X-ray facilities that have established an agreement with URV, especially in the large hospitals in Tarragona region. 

SPR-URV has personnel with the necessary accreditation and experience to ensure adequate quality for the objectives set: